OnStar Vehicle InsightsTM1 is your virtual crystal ball. A telematics tool that gives you the confidence to safely and easily manage your vehicles while giving you new perspectives on your business.



Easily Manage And Track Your Fleet of GM Vehicles With OnStar Vehicle Insights
Track Where Your GM Fleet Vehicles Are And Help Predict Service Needs With The OnStar Vehicle Insights Telematics Tool


Any Industry

See where your vehicles are, encourage drivers to perform their best and even help predict potential service needs before they become an issue.


Any Fleet Size

More than just data, OnStar Vehicle Insights delivers actionable ideas to help you make meaningful decisions that can strengthen your business. Perfect for any fleet size in any industry.

Perfect For Any Fleet Size, OnStar Vehicle Insights Delivers Actionable Insights About Your Fleet Of GM Vehicles

It's Built-In

OnStar Vehicle Insights uses embedded OnStar® hardware2 so it’s available on most 2015 model year or newer GM vehicles. Making it the easy way to help you get more out of your fleet. 

  • No installation downtime
  • Fast, simple sign-up
  • No long-term contract
OnStar Vehicle Insights Is Already Built Into Most GM Vehicles So You Can Get More Out Of Your Fleet

Unlock Your Superpowers

When you have the ability to see through time and space, you tend to get more done. Explore the ways OnStar Vehicle Insights can give you the power to do more.

OnStar Vehicle Insights Maximizes Efficiency By Offering Vehicle-Level Management Helping Save You Time And Money
Maximize Operational Efficiency

Vehicle-level management tools can help increase efficiency, potentially saving you time and money.

  • Analyze data on an individual vehicle level to help save time and money
  • Help prevent costly downtime and repairs with maintenance alerts
  • Create tailored access to different users for your fleet
OnStar Vehicle Insights Fleet Telematics Increases Driver Potential And Optimizes Productivity With Driver Management Tools
Optimize Productivity

Driver management tools allow fleet managers to help every driver reach their potential.

  • Stay organized and informed with route histories and summaries
  • Learn about trends within your fleet to make more informed business decisions 
  • Transparent feedback encourages drivers to perform at their best
Gain Insights To Improve Your Business With Performance Data From OnStar Vehicle Insights
Gain Insights

Make confident business decisions with meaningful data and analysis.

  • Create rules and notifications specific to your fleet
  • Monitor individual vehicles with performance data
  • Get updates on oil life, speed, route summary and more

What's in it for you?

Choose what information is most important to you and your business. Set your alerts to automatically update you with the driver, vehicle and route history that is most valuable to you.

Empower drivers with the tools they need to help improve their driving performance by scoring braking, acceleration and more. Promoting smarter driving and improving driver habits.

Minimize downtime and help keep your vehicles on the go by creating a more efficient schedule for routine vehicle maintenance.

OnStar Vehicle Insights Allows You To Choose And Set Alerts To Update You With The Driver And Route Data Most Important To Your Business
OnStar Vehicle Insights Promotes Driver Safety By Empowering Drivers With A Performance Scoreboard To Help Improve Driving Efficiency
OnStar Vehicle Insights Fleet Telematics Allows You To Minimize Downtime And Keep More Vehicles On The Road With Routine Scheduled Maintenance

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  • No long-term contract
  • Pay month to month
  • Scalable for any fleet size 

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We know you’ll like OnStar Vehicle Insights so much, we’re offering you the first two months at no cost, for your 2015 or newer eligible GM vehicles.2 Once you experience all this tool provides, you can sign up for a low monthly rate with no long-term contract. Helping you uncomplicate fleet management.