Features and Benefits

Take managing your fleet to the next level with tools that help you do more wherever you are. This inside information helps keep drivers on track, business more efficient and vehicles perform at their peak. 

OnStar Vehicle Insights Geofencing Customization for GPS Car Tracker


Customized alerts help protect your drivers and vehicles while making sure they’re on track.

  • 100% customized for your business
  • Know when vehicles enter or exit areas of interest
  • Create notifications for important locations

* OnStar Vehicle Insights: Terms apply. Available on select properly equipped 2015 model year and newer GM vehicles (excludes Volt, Low Cab Forward trucks and GM vehicles built without OnStar hardware, which includes, but is not limited to, select base Chevrolet and GMC trucks). Requires an active connected vehicle services plan. Fees, services and availability subject to change without notice. Applicable taxes not included. Does not include emergency or security services. Diagnostic capabilities vary by vehicle model. Not all issues will deliver alerts. Message and data rates may apply. See onstarvehicleinsights.ca for details and limitations.

* Location and Geofencing: U.S., Canada, and Mexico only. Requires select paid plan. Service is designed to locate compatible connected vehicles. Eligibility varies by vehicle model and/or vehicle configuration. Functionality varies by mobile device. Message and data rates may apply. Requires contact method on file and enrollment to receive alerts. Terms and limitations apply. See onstar.ca/businesssolutions for details.


Get the metrics that matter most to your business all in one place. Create a customized dashboard for your overall fleet or even break it down into sub-fleets or regions.

  • Checked-out vehicles
  • Diagnostic issues
  • Vehicle snapshots
  • Distance driven
  • Fuel economy
  • Fuel consumption
  • Low oil life
  • Driver behavior
  • Fleet trends
Performance Tracking with Fleet Telematics Dashboard