Frequently Asked Questions

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OnStar Vehicle InsightsTM is available on most 2015 model year and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles with an active Connected Access plan (excludes Volt, Low Cab Forward Medium Duty Trucks and GM vehicles built without OnStar Hardware, which includes but is not limited to select base Chevrolet and GMC trucks). 

Yes. OnStar Vehicle Insights has a monthly subscription cost with no contract. New subscribers can try at no cost for the first two months.

OnStar Vehicle Insights is $15.99 per vehicle, per month, plus taxes. For questions about billing or pricing, please reach out to our Advisor team at (833) 266-6565.

OnStar Vehicle Insights accepts payment through credit card, check, ACH or EFT. If you would like to pay by check, ACH, or EFT, please select "Invoice Me" under your subscription settings.

You can always access your current and past invoices by going to the Subscriptions tab on your menu. Select "Billing History" and you will be able to download the monthly invoice you choose.

Please send remittance and reference your invoice number to:
OnStar Member Services
Attn: OnStar Vehicle Insights
PO Box 1027 
Warren, MI 48090-1027

Coverage is currently available in the U.S. & Canada.

No. Your vehicle simply needs to be enrolled in the no-cost OnStar Connected Access plan. For more information about this and other OnStar plans, visit

Yes, ask your Dealer or Fleet Account Executive to add the OnStar Vehicle Insights RPO codes during your new vehicle purchase.

To add your newly purchased vehicle to your OnStar Vehicle Insights subscription login to your account (or create one here). Contact our customer support team via the Help tool or contact us with the following information: Account Name & VIN. We will add the vehicle to your account and ensure that your account is properly credited.

For best results, please access OnStar Vehicle Insights via Google Chrome™*


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Log into your account and click on "Add Vehicles" if this is your first time adding a vehicle or select the (+) in the top right corner of your vehicle grid. You can add your VINs manually by typing them in or uploading a .CSV file.

If you didn't receive your activation email, check your spam or junk folders. The email will come from If it's not there, please call an Advisor at (833) 266-6565 for assistance.

If you're having trouble uploading a VIN file, make sure you're using a .csv file. You can also type your VINs manually or copy and paste from your existing list. If you have additional questions, please call an Advisor at (833) 266-6565 for assistance.

To onboard a vehicle, we must verify that you own the vehicle or are authorized to onboard the vehicle. If you can't complete this verification by email, please call an Advisor at (833) 266-6565 for assistance.

A "Configuration” message indicates that a VIN on your account requires an additional step. Hover over the (!) next to the Configuration Error for additional directions.  If you have any questions or would like assistance,. please call an Advisor at (833) 266-6565.

“Waiting for Ignition” means our system is waiting to talk to the vehicle. All you need to do is turn on the ignition of that vehicle for a moment. In some cases, it may take up to 48 hours for the configuration to complete. If you are still receiving this message after 48 hours, please call an Advisor at (833) 266-6565 for assistance.

Some vehicles with active connectivity hardware are not immediately verified by the system. This is often because the VIN is associated with a different email address. You will need to follow the verification steps to get this vehicle connected properly.

Most likely it’s because your vehicle is not equipped with active connectivity hardware. This vehicle will require manual entry of information and may not qualify for all services within the tool.

If you're having an issue, please call an Advisor at (833) 266-6565 for personal assistance with the vehicle onboarding process.

Account Admins have access to all vehicle data, fleets insights and subscription information. Managers can only see the vehicle data and driver information assigned to them by the Account Admin.

Select the managers tab and click the + icon. Enter your manager's email address and they will receive an email with instructions to create their account.

Simply select the checkbox to notify the active driver. When notification criteria is met a notification will be sent to the driver associated with the vehicle.

Tags help you group and organize your vehicles (e.g., "service" or "delivery"), and can even be used to group vehicles in different sub-fleets with the same tag.

Vehicle labels are customizable to help you easily identify individual vehicles in your fleet (e.g., "Blue Truck" or "Mike's SUV").

A trip begins when the ignition is turned on and ends when the ignition is turned off.

Remote commands can be found in two places: on the Vehicles page by selecting the Remote Commands button or by clicking on a vehicle within the map and selecting the Remote Commands icon located at the bottom of the vehicle picture.

Fleet Managers and drivers are able to remote lock and unlock, start, stop, sound the horn and flash lights.

Time zones are reported based on the user’s time. This can be set or adjusted on the User Profile page. A correct time zone is important for features like Geofence and maintenance as specific times are needed for those notifications. NOTE:  Trip History uses the vehicle time zone. Moving between multiple time zones in a day may result in duplicate notifications.

A Tire Pressure notification is triggered when the percentage of air drops below 92%. Measurement is against the manufacturer recommended tire pressure level for the specific vehicle.

Oil Life threshold are configurable between 5% & 50% per fleet. The Oil Life DTC alert with trigger after 3 consecutive ignition cycles with the values reported below the threshold and will close after 4 consecutive ignition cycles above the threshold set.

To Install the OnStar Vehicle Insights app click the link from your device: App Store® | Google Play


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Download our mobile app or login through your mobile web browser.

Currently, the driver view is only available via our mobile app or your mobile web browser.

In general, trips are posted as soon as ignition is turned off, however, there are instances when it may take up to 3 hours to see this data. Please note, we are still collecting real-time vehicle and location information even if your trip history data is still being processed. To see the current location of your vehicle, click View On Map.  If you do not see the trip after 3 hours, please contact our OnStar Vehicle Insights Advisor team.