Getting Started

Creating An Account

Creating an account is the first step to using the system.

  • To get started, visit Select “Sign Up”. Enter your information.
  • View and accept the User Terms and Privacy Statement
  • An activation link will be sent to the email address provided. Click on the link in your email to activate your account Note: This link will expire in 2 weeks.
  • Create a secure password, then select “Done

Editing Your Profile

Editing Your Profile
To make changes to your profile information, click on your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the home page, then select “View Profile” then select “Edit Info”.


Onboarding Vehicles

After you’ve created an account, you’re ready to add your vehicles.

  • Select the “Vehicles” tab from the left menu on your OnStar Vehicle Insights home page
  • Select “Add Vehicles” to begin onboarding vehicles (or select “+” in the upper right corner to add additional vehicles)
  • Enter your fleet’s Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) using one of the following options:
    • Manual Entry: Enter VIN data individually or copy into the entry form
    • Import Using the Upload Tool: Import your information (for best results, up to 20 VINs at a time) automatically by uploading a .CSV file
  • After reviewing and addressing any errors, select “Import
  • Before vehicles will show up in the vehicle menu, VINs will be validated for ownership against the OnStar email address or the OnStar Fleet Account Number. Click the “Pending Action” icon and then click the arrows for more details about the status of each vehicle
  • Your fleet will now appear in the Vehicles menu while the
    configuration process is completed Note: During the configuration period, the system will attempt to make contact with each vehicle’s connected service hardware. This typically takes about five minutes, but may take up to 48 hours in some cases. Check the “Status” if the vehicle status shows “Configuration Error” or “Waiting for Ignition” and there is an ‘!’ icon next to it, your driver may need to take action by pressing the OnStar button in the vehicle.

Vehicle Profile

Personalize each vehicle in your fleet by adding a name and other information for easy identification.

  • Select "Vehicles" from the main menu
  • Within your list of vehicles Click on the vehicle you would like to make a profile for
  • Click “Edit Info
  • Add the vehicle profile information and click "Save"


Add Drivers, Managers and Account Admins

Invite drivers, managers and account admins to access the OnStar Vehicle Insights system. This allows you to set up permissions, associate drivers with their vehicles, assign managers to their fleets/regions and allow managers to input VINs and more.

  • Select the “Users" tab from the left menu on your OnStar Vehicle Insights home page
  • Select the "+" and choose Driver, Manager or Account Admin.
  • Enter the users email address, assign them to their fleet and preferred language. Then press “Invite”.
  • The user will receive an invitation by email to create an OnStar Vehicle Insights account tied to your fleet
  • The user may will complete the process outlined in “Creating an Account” on a mobile device.

Driver Welcome

To access the Driver role a Driver must be invited by their Manager or Account Admin. A Driver has access to OnStar Vehicle Insights through their mobile web browser or our  mobile app.

Available on select Apple and Android devices. Service availability, features and functionality vary by vehicle, device and the services selected. Terms apply. Device data connection required. See for details and limitations.

  • Driver will  receive a Welcome email and must click the “Accept Invitation” link from their mobile phone to be directed to Note: Link is active for 2 weeks.
  • Next they will be directed to create a password and after clicking "Done". They will now be logged in to the system.  
  • Once logged in, drivers can update their profile, see assigned and available vehicles, and review their trip history and notifications. Note: Vehicle Check in/Check out must be enabled for Drivers to see the list of vehicles that are available for check out.
  • Download our Apple App and Google App.


Locate each of your vehicles in real-time by choosing "Maps" in the main menu. Click on the vehicle in the map to find out which vehicle is at that location. You will also be able to view the current fuel range, speed, odometer, vehicle diagnostic health and access remote commands. Utilize the search bar on the top to quickly find a vehicle.


See how individual vehicles are performing or all the vehicles within a sub fleet. Simply click on “Fleets” and select from the dropdown menu.

  • Select "Performance" in the menu
  • Click on “Measure Settings
  • Check each of the performance measurements you would like displayed on the performance measurement page
  • Click the “X” in the top right corner when finished

Available Performance Measures

  • Vehicles snapshot: Current snapshot of your fleet (e.g. Connected, non-connected, diagnostic issues, pending configuration, configuration error, waiting for ignition)
  • Distance Driven: Total distance driven for all vehicles in the account
  • Fuel Consumption: Monitor the number of gallons of fuel over the last 7, 30 or 60 days
  • Fuel Economy: View the top and lowest performing vehicle by miles per gallon over the last 7, 30, 60 days
  • Low Oil Life: Monitor the oil life in each vehicle
  • Diagnostic Issues: Total number of vehicles with active diagnostic issues
  • Checked-Out Vehicles: Vehicles currently checked out by drivers
  • Driver Behavior: Displays average driver scores over a given time Note: Drivers must be assigned to vehicles to use this measure
  • Trends: Displays multiple fleet metrics over time


Monitor and analyze your vehicle performance by gaining insights through the robust reporting.

  • Select the “Reports” from the left menu on your OnStar Vehicle Insights home page
  • Select one of the report types from the drop-down menu
  • Select which vehicles that should be included in the report
  • Select “Download”, your report will now be available as a .CSV file
  • If you would like to have the report sent to your email on a regular cadence, select the "Send On Schedule" button and fill out the information required.


Creating a Fleet

Organize your fleets to fit your needs.

  • Select "Fleets" from the menu tab.
  • Select “+
  • Enter Fleet information including Fleet name and address
  • Save by selecting “Ok

Adding Vehicle(s) to a Fleet

  • Select Fleets from the menu
  • Click on the vehicle icon
  • Click " +" next to Vehicles
  • Follow the directions on the Add Vehicles page
  • Select the Fleet via Fleet Name drop down
  • You can always move a vehicle to a different fleet by going to a Vehicle Overview page and selecting the 3 dots.

Adding Manager(s) to a Fleet

  • Select the Managers icon.
  • Click on “Invite Users” or the "+" and complete the form

Adding Driver(s) to a Fleet

  • Select the Driver icon from within the fleet
  • Click on “Invite Users” or the "+" and complete the form


Account Settings

Setting Up Notifications

Keep tabs on your fleet by setting up notifications for things like vehicle maintenance, vehicle location, speeding, geofence and more.

  • Select the Account Settings Page from the side navigation panel 
  • See the area titled “Feature Settings” then select on the feature you’d like to create a notification for
  • Select “Create New” to set up a notification
  • Customize notification according to your preferences
  • Select “Create Notification” when complete.

Available Notifications

  • Diagnostics: Notifies you when issues are detected by the  vehicle

    Diagnostics capabilities vary by vehicle model. Not all issues will deliver alerts

  • Geofence: Notifies you upon entrance and/or exit of a zone
  • Driver Speeding: Notifies you when a driver’s speed is above a designated threshold
  • Maintenance Reminder: Vehicle maintenance reminder based on odometer or time elapsed
  • Account Settings: Notifies you when drivers or manager in your fleet engage in selected activities.

New Account Structure

Account Hierarchy and Roles

Check out the updates to our account hierarchy, roles, and permissions to better fit the needs of our OnStar Vehicle Insights customers. This change makes moving Managers, Drivers, Vehicles between Fleets (sub-fleets) even easier. If you have any questions regarding this upcoming Feature, please reach out to our Advisor team.

Role Definitions:

Account Admin: 

  • Can view all fleets on the account. 
  • Has access to subscription pages and marketplace items such as In-Vehicle Coaching.
  • Can view all entities across all fleets (account database). 
  • Can move vehicles between any fleet on the account.
  • Can see all vehicle trips across any fleet on the account.
  • Can create, view and edit Tags on all fleets.
  • Can view notification settings for any fleet on the account included editing or creating new notifications.
  • Can see all incoming notifications.
  • Can pull reports for the entire account.
  • Can view data across the entire account.

Fleet Manager: 

  • Can only see entities such as drivers, managers, vehicles, trips etc. on the fleet that they are assigned to.
  • Can remove vehicles from their fleet.
  • Can create drivers.
  • Can pull reports for the fleet they manage.
  • Can assign drivers from the fleet to specific vehicles. 
  • Can see trips that happened while the vehicle was assigned to a fleet they manage.
  • Can create, edit and view tag for the fleet they manage.
  • Can edit and view and notifications settings for the fleet they manage.
  • Can view data for entities within the fleet they manage.


  • Can checkout vehicles that are available within the fleet they are assigned to.
  • Can update personal information.
  • Can see the trips that happened while assigned to a vehicle.
  • Receives notifications if options to include driver was checked *If option was selected by the Fleet Manager or Account Admin.


Need Help?

Just click on the on the person icon in the upper right corner. There you will find Frequently Asked Questions. Have a specific question? Select “Help” to email an advisor.
If you would like to speak with an advisor, call our help line at (833) 266-6565.